• Flexible IT Solutions
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    With our IT Support packages we give you the flexibility of using either Pay As You Go or Subscription based support. Pay As You Go offers on demand support which is ideal for small business on a low budget, subscription based gives you your own help desk, unlimited on site call outs and proactive monitoring.

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  • Spring Clean
    Spring Clean
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    Laptop brought in as it was making strange noises. Undone the back and found lots of dust clogging up the CPU fan. First the fan was removed and blasted with compressed air, then the bay was also cleaned as well. Laptop is now running smoother without the dust hindering it’s performance. Remember it’s important to…

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  • Damaged Laptop Screen
    Damaged Laptop Screen
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    Today we had a damaged laptop screen brought in to us for repair.  The LCD had  jagged lines and a black spot where it was damaged. We ordered in a new replacement LCD ordered and fitted it and it’s now as good as new! System was taken back to customer at no extra cost.  Damaged Laptop Screen  

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  • PSU Replacement
    PSU Replacement
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    Business customer brought his desktop computer in as the power supply had fried. They said they needed the system back up as soon as possible. Installed a new PSU within the hour, and was fully operational. Nice easy desktop repair job and another happy customer.    

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