Computer Repairs

Computer Repairs

Computer RepairIs your computer not as fast as it used to be, infected with a nasty virus, need an upgrade to give it new lease of life or just plain refusing to boot up?  Here at C-TEK we offer affordable computer repairs and are able to fix most faults.

So whatever the problem is we can have your system back up and running like new again within 48 hours or sooner depending on what the cause is.

Furthermore because we know it’s a pain to carry that big desktop into store we will also collect and deliver systems for our customers based in Liverpool for free.


We have various-case scenario fixes, and will handle your issue with speed and peace-of-mind.

Our repair services cover:

PC running slow

Is your PC not as fast as it used to be, there are a number of factors which can cause systems to slow down. This could be due to a virus or malware infection that is eating up valuable CPU and memory processor, programs acquired over the years clogging up the operating system or in some cases an upgrade is required to give it an additional boost.

PC not starting up

There’s nothing more frustrating than expecting to browse the Internet or get some work done and poof the computer doesn’t want to start up. Our staff have seen this happen many times from BIOS errors to the blue screen of death and know the steps required to remedy the fault. Give us a call and we’ll have your computer back up and running before you know it.

Virus/malware infections

Have you picked up a nasty virus that is bombarding you with pop ups and wrecking chaos on you desktop? We can get rid of it for you before it causes any more damage, most of the time we’ll be able to remove the infection.  In situations where the operating system has been heavily infected we may advise a full system reload to completely wipe out the virus.

Data recovery

Accidentally deleted a file or folder containing photos that can’t be replaced or work that would take hours to recreate? Don’t worry we can help recover that precious data for you even if you can’t access Windows.


Is your machine behind the times and having problems keeping up, sometimes it can be tricky deciding on whether to upgrade or purchase a new system. Contact us today and we’ll go through an assessment to see if an upgrade is a viable option, once we’ve established your existing specifications we can then advise if an upgrade is suitable and recommend compatible components for your computer.


This list is just a sample of the computer repair services we offer, for any other enquiries contact us either by phone or email to see how we can help you.

You’re in good hands with C-TEK

We like to look after you our customer, all repair work carried out in our workshop comes with a 90 day warranty for peace of mind. Our No Fix No Fee policy means that if diagnose a fault and fail to fix it then we won’t charge you a penny and we also offer a free delivery and collection service for residents of the Liverpool area.

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