Laptop Repairs

Laptop Repairs

Laptop RepairWe can fit replacement screens, keyboards, memory upgrades, hard drives and carry out many other laptop repairs. Whether you have accidentally knocked it off the table edge and damaged the screen, split liquid over the keyboard or have any other problems the parts can be replaced in most circumstances so it not the end of the world.

So contact us today for a free diagnosis and low cost solution and we’ll have that broken laptop repaired and back to you as good as new.

Our list covers damages such as:



Broken laptop screen

Laptops are delicate devices and are prone to damage especially where the screen is concerned. If you’ve managed to accidentally crack the screen and it now has a great big black leaking splodge on it then don’t worry, it doesn’t mean it’s ready for the scrap heap pile. Contact us today and we’ll provide you with a low cost quote to replace and fit a new LCD.

Laptop overheating

Overheating is one of the most common issues and can cause issues such as slow performance, system freezing, and even permanent damage in serve cases. If you’re experiencing any of the problems listed above and your notebook seems to be running hotter than usual then our trained staff can disassemble, clean the components and apply special thermal paste if necessary to keep you running cool.

Damaged keyboard

Are there keys missing from your keyboard or have you spilt tea/coffee on it and are now left with sticky keys? No matter what the cause is we can replace and fit a new keyboard and have you typing again in no time!

Laptop not starting

There are many faults that could cause your laptop not to start, it may be down to faulty memory (RAM), a failing hard drive, battery/power issues or a faulty motherboard. Here at C-TEK we can diagnose each component and isolate the fault, where a motherboard has failed we will see if it is possible to repair, when this is not possible we will advise the most cost effective option.

Software problems

We can deal with a wide range of software problems, whether this be problems with performance issue with Windows, virus/malware infections, Data recovery we have you covered. We will only use genuine copies of software so if we need to reload an installation of Windows then you can safe in the knowledge that you won’t be receiving messages from Microsoft about counterfeit software.


This list is just a sample of the laptop repair services we offer, for any other enquiries contact us either by phone or email to see how we can help you.

You’re in good hands with C-TEK

We like to look after you our customer, all repair work carried out in our workshop comes with a 90 day warranty for peace of mind. Our No Fix No Fee policy means that if diagnose a fault and fail to fix it then we won’t charge you a penny and we also offer a free delivery and collection service for residents of the Liverpool area.

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