Windows 9 : Have Microsoft Learned From Windows 8?

Windows 9 : Have Microsoft Learned From Windows 8?

Windows 9 : Have Microsoft Learned From Windows 8?

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Has Microsoft learned from 8.1?

With the introduction of Windows 8 to the world of I.T, few users have been thoroughly impressed. Regarded mainly as being targeted towards tablet users, Windows 8 was met with hostility and criticism over its Metro-IU interface. The core principal of Microsoft’s idea was to migrate the user t a more fluid and convenient navigation of its OS. With the removal of the Start menu, users were baffled as to how this could be an “improvement” to the much-loved Win9 and 7 Start Orb, which provided ease of navigation throughout the Operating System, containing Computer, Documents, User Profile data and latest used programs.

With the Introduction of Windows 8.1 following an out-cry from the industry, Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 was supposed to “appease” certain disgruntled users into providing the Start Menu back into the task bar, as well as other enhancements. This has led to the expectation of people’s perceptions about Windows to have shifted dramatically. Where Windows 7 had learned from Windows Vista, Windows 8 had not learned from Windows 7, as one of the most user-friendly systems since XP.

Windows 9

Windows 9 Rumoured Start Screen – built from the Windows 8.1 Metro-UI interface.

Now, with the resistance to Windows 8, Microsoft has already begun work on it’s new Windows 9. The new Operating system, attempting to appease tablet users and desktop users alike, will feature the Metro-UI interface, a primary feature of Windows 8/8.1,  building on the touch-screen nature of Windows 8.

The Release Date is Expected to be released in 2015, with a preview edition being rumoured to be available from February or March of 2015.

The new windows OS has been rumoured to be Free to users of Windows 8.1, according to Russian leaker collective WZOR.

Check out the article here

Start Menu for Windows 9

Possible Preview of the Windows 9 Interface, with the re-introduction of the Start Menu.

Will I be able to upgrade from Windows 7?

It has not been confirmed as to whether an upgrade from Windows 7 directly to Windows 9 will be available, although it is likely users of windows 8.1/8.2 will be able to directly upgrade from their OS to Windows 9.

Microsoft’s rival to Siri: Cortana in Windows 9

With the Introduction of the Halo Series, the Cortana A.I was the digital assistant to the much-loved Master Chief. With the Introduction of Google Now and the Siri, Microsoft’s endorsement of A.I-powered digital assistants is beginning to take fruition. With proposed integration through Skype, it is possible we will begin to see the works of our very own Cortana on our Windows desktops. Proposed as an addon to Windows, its main purpose would be to act as a personal organisation tool and intellectual companion to the users’ experience within Windows. Whether the act of having a personal digital assistant proves to be of use to the end user, the potential for organisation could be immense, presenting reminders of calendar events, informing users of new emails, or merely answering questions from information extracted from online sources, as is the case with Siri.



Microsoft Cortana

The integration factor is of particular interest, with the seamless A.I constantly monitoring system events, and proposing solutions to unforeseen problems with the PC such as new drivers, recommending system maintenance etc.

Whether this proves to be of use, or a hindrance towards human independent thinking remains to be seen but most industry experts agree the revolution of the Artificial Intelligence brings the Singularity closer and removes the need for human ingenuity.

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